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Testimonials (for a complete list of testimonials, please visit my ProZ profile here)

“Your professionalism and helpful manner put my mind at rest from early on, and for such a large and important contract this really was a huge relief. I would be delighted of the opportunity to work with you again on future projects”

Jennifer Dunkley, Project Manager at Omnia Multilingual Solutions​

“I'd like to thank you for meeting our deadline, we were in a really tight schedule and you made it! The client was very satisfied!”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager at Lemoine International

“Amazing job and amazing person to work with”
Tim Hartling, Project Manager at Pampa Translations


“Worked with Raphael on numerous assignments and his work is faultless, high quality and always on time. Highly recommended”

Andrew, Project Manager at YourCulture

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